Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Kokegama in manganese glazed dish
Our friend makes beautiful kokegama (Japanese moss balls). We had a show earlier this year and we got a few from him to put in our booth. Standard show booth advice invariably includes instructions to place flowers or plants in the display, and I can't deny the positive impact of having a few lovely kokedama scattered around. 

The kokedama can also include a water element because it is fine to fill the bowl to the point of a little pond forming, and that feels peaceful and calming. I loved having them for the show, and we sold a few too. Mr. Cranky made an assortment of low bowls especially for the plants; the natural/bronze-y glaze really compliments the kokegama, I think.

I love time lapse videos; here is one showing an Amish barn-raising that takes place in one day. My favorite part is putting on the roof around the 2 minute mark~

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  1. I love the shape of these bowls and the plants in them. Very artistic for an office setting.


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