Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Thanksgiving Table

It started with the big trees that fell last winter (time flies) two or three or four years ago.

Mr. Cranky cut slabs from the larger rounds.

He removed the bark, scrubbed the logs with a wire brush, and ran a belt sander over the tops and the edges to create a beveled lip.

Two of the new rounds on last year's table (moved outside for the summer).

The turpentine is for wiping up the pitch that will continue to ooze for awhile. I lost one pair of socks and one pair of jeans to the pitch before I caught on.

I like the one in the center with the footrest.

Because they are simply stacked up without any nails they can be moved really easily. We have them in a triangle right now and will add two more for Thanksgiving to form a big circle. I'm tempted to add hardware to make one of them rotate like a lazy susan and put it in the middle to hold food. Whee!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


antlers and earrings

stones, poppy pod, Turkish textile

ceramic tile, wood, burl, feather

Bowl of collected source material
Windowsill vignettes from Fall. New work (yup!) from the studio coming soon. 
I probably owe you an explanation...