Thursday, August 25, 2011

doodles and excavations

recently excavated
Every pottery has a shard pile somewhere, sometimes several. We simply place broken but interesting pieces here and there around our property, often along paths. Mr. Cranky found this (ancient!) platter that one of us made (can't remember who) many years ago, buried, but partially sticking up out of the woods near the studio. 
plate rim as headdress 
The rim had separated from the center and makes a nice headdress addition to our broken "haniwa" figure.
miscellaneous clay doodles
We have been spending our free time sitting on the terrace modelling random clay elements by hand for use in ...? Well, we haven't actually decided yet, but we are amassing a nice collection of interesting small pieces, some with holes in them for hanging. Mr. Cranky is making relics and crosses using a technique similar to the one in the platter above, coils of clay arranged to make patterns. This method lends itself to bronze-y glazes and stains that can be applied and then partially wiped away to emphasize texture and pattern.
outdoor bed upgrade 
In other news, summer has finally arrived here in the pacific northwest and the outdoor bed is back with a snazzy new canopy (thanks, Lisa) and fresh linens. I miss the orange color of the old mosquito net, but this does make the bed feel like a miniature palace. Sweet, except that the fifty acres across the street is just starting to be logged. They start at seven am (of course) and are very noisy. So much for sleeping in...

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