Sunday, July 15, 2012

origami pots

cheerful eggs
How to distinguish hard-boiled eggs and, perhaps, to surprise refrigerator visitors.
log with mushroom
Spied on a hike, a single mushroom that looks like a magnolia blossom.
just like a flower, right?
but, clearly, a mushroom
The very next day it was completely collapsed.
origami pots waiting for decoration
I'm working on a new series of hand-built pots made by cutting and folding slabs of clay. I make them by cutting a slab into a circle, square, or rectangle, then making little slashes in the edge (three or four, depending on the shape I'm after) and then folding up the sides (+ score, slip, press, smooth). Do you want to see how? I'll document the whole process if anyone asks...
compost bucket for the chickens
Our compost bucket was looking especially pretty after a kitchen session making roasted sweet potatoes, kale chips, and watermelon.

I really liked The Hare With the Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal; here is a link to his netsuke collection, so wonderful, especially when you know a bit of their history.