Friday, December 14, 2012

Come see what we make

tatami mat topped with pottery
We have pots all over the place, in the house and in the studio. I am pretty fond of the hand-built bowls pictured in the front there. They are generously proportioned, big enough for a whole meal. We call them monks' bowls.
And, we are having one more event at our place this weekend:

Jensen & Marineau Holiday Open Studio
Saturday, Dec. 15th, 10-5
22017 NW Beck Road Pdx 97231
*~*~*~*Please drop in to see what we make!*~*~*~*

I just unloaded a firing this morning and found a new favorite piece~
large oval platter
Or maybe it's this one~
scalloped tray
We had so much fun last weekend at our open studio; thanks to all of you who stopped by! I hope we will see some of you that we missed last Saturday.
large black & white mugs
We still have a good selection of mugs too. Come on over!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Open Studio

assorted hand-built pieces

Jensen & Marineau Holiday Open Studio
Saturday, Dec. 8th, 10-5
22017 NW Beck Road Pdx 97231

We are right in the thick of getting prepared for our annual winter open studio. We have several new hand-built shapes that I am pretty excited about. I am particularly fond of those long, flat rectangles, called cheese boards.
fresh from the kiln
Mugs are back too, by popular request, and they are enormous~ one imperial pint, to be exact. I just learned that beer forms a finer head of  foam in a glazed vessel than in glass.
hand-built bowl in progress
We're still in production though, we will have a firing or two more during December.
glazed ware waiting for the kiln
I hope to see some of you locals out here on Saturday. It should be festive, plus I will have something good for you to eat and drink. Please stop by on Saturday!

And don't forget to visit Mud, Sweat, and Tears~ a pop-up shop in downtown Portland. On 12/6 First Thursday, Jonathan Brinkley will play and they'll have brandy and liqueur tastings from Stone Barn Brandy Works 4:00 - 8:00

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coming up this month~

new hand-built work in black & white at the pop-up shop
Come visit us at this pop-up shop during the holiday season, open every day all month long. It's located in the heart of downtown Portland; so convenient, and we will be restocking weekly. It's looking very festive!
Details here:

 Also, just for one weekend; come and see us at the Skyline Artisans Guild show. There will be music, wine and food too.
And, of course, we will be inviting you to our studio for our annual open studio, Saturday, December 8th and Saturday, December 15th. Stay tuned for more details and be sure to sign up to be on the email list over here on the right----->>>>>

Someone doing good in the world.

Monday, November 19, 2012


(*after Rob Moore)
Fourteen years gone,
the dear old dog is dead.
Nothing left to pat but the Earth.
Buried out beyond the shop,
feet to the east, 
tail sailing south,
nose pointed at the North Star,
chasing ghost coyotes across the universe.
Tell god hello for me, girl.
Say that I'll be along later.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 floating bowls
Hand-built bowls, one cup capacity. I call them dumpling bowls; they remind me of cozy homey food.
dumpling bowl
 mini plate with beetle
Mini plates are about 5" wide and have a little rim to corral the contents.
oval platter full of smiles
This one is about 11" x 7", it's proving to be a useful and  popular size.
another mini plate

Lucy Kirk is so creative.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

address numbers

my first address tiles
I got an order for some custom address tiles with carte blanche as to what I could make; wheeee..... 
wareboards with bisqued numbers and letters
I decided to make over-sized individual letters and numbers with deep texture. I put two counter-sunk holes in each tile for screws to mount them on the wooden fence that is their final destination.
glazed with my new favorite surface treatment
This glaze is nothing more than manganese, mixed with water to the thickness of whole milk, brushed on, fired to cone 6 in oxidation.
so much variation, matte black to bronzy-metallic
thick and chunky
don't you just want to take a bite? ^click on it
garlic drying in the sun
In other news, the garlic harvest is in.
trimming it up
I have the perfect basket to put them in too.
spice dishes in the garlic
My studio assistant got creative with some photos.
little dish of smiles

 cauliflower and bun dish
I am pretty proud of my cauliflower this year.
broccoli and mini plate
And of my broccoli too.

Have you seen the yelp reviews read by actors on YouTube? There are about six of them, go there and watch them all.
Freaking hilarious~

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

fresh strawberries

 the last of our strawberries
 fresh cherries from Sauvie Island
 new bug dish, just right for the cherry pits
 totally in love with my new socks
 morning sunlight on the bed
poppy catching the morning sun on the terrace

Have you seen Creature Comforts? My favorites are the pig mother and daughter (American version). Netflix has it, so funny.

Friday, August 10, 2012

friends and fruit

 cantaloupe and raspberries in hand-built bowls
Summer is the time to gorge on fruit, we eat fruit all day long this time of year. 
...on french toast made from homemade challah, or in crepes, over scones with whipped cream, & out of hand.
 a friend brought a gift from Sweden, so charming
This is a cloth made from wood fibers, nice and thick for wiping down counters. Friends came to lunch...
 we ate russian cream with berries
 three kinds of lavender, origami bowl of cherries
The next day, other friends dropped by after visiting the Oregon Lavender Festival with more presents!
I like my Swedish rug and Swedish table and Swedish cloth with Oregon sunshine pouring in.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


 sage growing in a pot glazed in Shaner's red and fake ash glaze (old skool!)
 collected stones, coral, shells, glaze tests
fresh raspberries, textile series dish
ahhhhh, the summer bed
I love Ruan Hoffman's sense of humor (click through them all).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

origami pots

cheerful eggs
How to distinguish hard-boiled eggs and, perhaps, to surprise refrigerator visitors.
log with mushroom
Spied on a hike, a single mushroom that looks like a magnolia blossom.
just like a flower, right?
but, clearly, a mushroom
The very next day it was completely collapsed.
origami pots waiting for decoration
I'm working on a new series of hand-built pots made by cutting and folding slabs of clay. I make them by cutting a slab into a circle, square, or rectangle, then making little slashes in the edge (three or four, depending on the shape I'm after) and then folding up the sides (+ score, slip, press, smooth). Do you want to see how? I'll document the whole process if anyone asks...
compost bucket for the chickens
Our compost bucket was looking especially pretty after a kitchen session making roasted sweet potatoes, kale chips, and watermelon.

I really liked The Hare With the Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal; here is a link to his netsuke collection, so wonderful, especially when you know a bit of their history.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

blue and white and spring

matsuno vegetable kitchen tile
I've been working on a blue & white tile job for a client in California. 
Even though I have made hundreds of blue & white tile, sometimes I miss a defect. This one was probably already cracked when I  decorated it and it didn't reveal itself until the glaze firing.
now there's a bee 
But, the client likes insects, so I added a bumblebee while I was at it. 
chickens enjoying the sun
We have taken to calling the chickens "pennys", partly because of their coppery coloring, but also because its easier than calling them out individually* (also, they don't care). 
gorgeous, and huge (!)
yay spring
Yes, but why is it still snowing and storming?

*for the record: Henny, Penny, Honey, Blackie, Little Red, and the other three...