Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Carved Fireplace Surround

Carved earthenware tile
This is the fireplace surround I made when we built our house. 
I never intended to offer this carved tile as a line because it is a pain in the neck to make. Our house was featured in a magazine (way back in the 90's) and I was contacted recently by a client who still had the magazine after all these years (!). The couple had fallen in love with this fireplace and the right time to remodel their existing one finally came. I do love carving tile, and it had been so long since I did these that I kind of forgot how hard they are to make. Sooooo...

Carved fireplace surround, bisque state
Here's a little video of the process~
Completed fireplace surround
afternoon watermelon break
At the top of my list of the-best-things-about-summer just has to be watermelon. We simply gorge on it once the fabulous Hermiston seeded melons are in season. It is Mr. Cranky's habit to pair watermelon with something salty, like potato chips or pretzels, and that is rather irresistible, hard as I may try. Those tiny little grapefruit spoons are the perfect implement to remove the seeds, by the way.

Speaking of utensils, here is an article from NPR about how the color, shape, size, and material of your tableware and utensils can affect your perception of the taste of your food as well as how much of it you consume.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More summery-ness

Betsy's bed is just too tempting in full sun in the early afternoon. Just look at the color of that sky!
(click on the picture for a better look)
I'm rather smitten with this new bronzey glaze; it's just plain manganese at cone 6.
It's no good for functional ware, but so pretty with textures and how it catches the light..
I made a bunch of these little hand-built planters.
 I haven't made flowerpots in years and years.
I planted slips from my succulent collection in a few of them.
I'm experimenting with pastel colors a bit too.
 Could a penchant for pattern be hereditary?
Yup, I think so.

Check out this stunning installation of ceramic poppies by Paul Cummins~

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer, so far

The summer beds are out~
one is under cover,
one is under the stars.
Our best seller this summer, for wedding presents, is this origami dish.
It seems to be a match between the perfect size + fanciness 
and a fairly typical price point for a wedding gift @ $125.
Mornings feature breakfasts of raspberries from our bushes and eggs from our hens.
Our cat makes good use of the bird watcher's table.
It takes a floating dahlia
just this long
to break apart.