Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More summery-ness

Betsy's bed is just too tempting in full sun in the early afternoon. Just look at the color of that sky!
(click on the picture for a better look)
I'm rather smitten with this new bronzey glaze; it's just plain manganese at cone 6.
It's no good for functional ware, but so pretty with textures and how it catches the light..
I made a bunch of these little hand-built planters.
 I haven't made flowerpots in years and years.
I planted slips from my succulent collection in a few of them.
I'm experimenting with pastel colors a bit too.
 Could a penchant for pattern be hereditary?
Yup, I think so.

Check out this stunning installation of ceramic poppies by Paul Cummins~


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