Monday, May 23, 2011

A musical interlude while waiting for the kiln to cool

My current musical obsession, Zaz. I watch this practically everyday. It makes me so happy. I love her voice, her affect, her joie d' vie.

And for punctuation lovers out there, colons are on the march.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Broaches, not cookies

nearly edible 
When I was in Arizona visiting my mom, I saw broaches that  had magnets instead of pins affixed to the backs. This struck me as a brilliant solution to the problem of placing a pin in just the right spot; easy to move around and no stabbing. I promptly laid in a supply of strong magnets and got down to business producing porcelain broaches.

tray of sketches on broaches
I am always in need of something simple and small to use to sketch ideas and to warm up the slip-trailer before tackling large pieces. I used to use tiles for this, but this winter I started making tiny (2 1/2") dishes which are perfect warm-up pieces. Last month, I made dozens of small ovals in porcelain to hold in reserve to sketch on, but I apparently have no impulse control because I decorated all of them at once.

 jewelry, not cookies
A wareboard full of these is irresistible, I simply can't stop decorating with just a few. I guess I had better find a place to sell these.
waiting for glaze
I have a kiln full (dozens and dozens!) of these firing right now, in black & white and blue & white. I hope the glaze is nice and thick and glossy with no blurring. Stay tuned...

I like the sculptures of Brendan Monroe