Thursday, March 29, 2012

blue and white and spring

matsuno vegetable kitchen tile
I've been working on a blue & white tile job for a client in California. 
Even though I have made hundreds of blue & white tile, sometimes I miss a defect. This one was probably already cracked when I  decorated it and it didn't reveal itself until the glaze firing.
now there's a bee 
But, the client likes insects, so I added a bumblebee while I was at it. 
chickens enjoying the sun
We have taken to calling the chickens "pennys", partly because of their coppery coloring, but also because its easier than calling them out individually* (also, they don't care). 
gorgeous, and huge (!)
yay spring
Yes, but why is it still snowing and storming?

*for the record: Henny, Penny, Honey, Blackie, Little Red, and the other three...