Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three weeks until Showcase

large oval platter w/ wavy lip 
Production is going full tilt with only three weeks left until Ceramic Showcase. I'm switching things up in the studio, moving back into animal and plants in addition to dots and stripes, and adding color to the black & white.
tray with scalloped edge
Despite that Portlandia episode (you know the one), I persist in putting birds on everything. 
Platter with green fish
I'll have to stop making pots soon and get my booth figured out, there are so many details to track when getting prepared for a show. I feel like I am starting from zero, it has really been years and years since I've done this.

This video of pendulum waves is mesmerizing.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gearing up for Ceramic Showcase

bear with branch (unglazed)
We haven't done a show or craft fair for many years. It seemed to be about time to show our faces in public, so we signed up for Ceramic Showcase this year. Scheduled for April 26, 27, & 28th, it is the largest pottery show and sale in the country. Lucky for us, it's right here in Portland.
tests and stains and brushes
I'm still working with my dotty black & white series, but I have been tempted into adding a splash of color here and there. Just like in the children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, one thing leads to another, so now I am back to drawing animals and flowers too~
origami bowls & mini plates (unglazed)
I am currently favoring birds, bears, and fish. But, as you can see, the barnyard is not off-limits either~
a couple of goats (unglazed)
I go through a lot of slip-trailers. My current favorite is the homemade version, formed like miniature pastry bags from mylar or plastic gift wrap. There is very little hand fatigue when using these little dears~
spent slip-trailers
Here is a post about how to make them if you are interested.

A Priestess in Myanmar has to kiss an enormous King Cobra three times to save her village from a curse caused by its anger, watch this to see how that worked out~