Friday, April 23, 2010

home sweet home

elk jawbone and coral heart
It's nice to be back home.
paperwork and bills and baby chicks
Except you can't hide from what has backed up in the meantime...
Arrived this morning
Twenty-five chicks were waiting at the post office this morning. Part of our plan to grow more of our own food, these will be raised in conformity with the French "label rougedesignation; free-range, organic, slow growing. Supposedly, these Freedom Rangers (yes, that's their name) will taste much better than factory-farmed birds and we will certainly feel better about how they are raised. We are used to having six chickens or so, for fresh eggs, so I can hardly wait to see what this many looks like swarming all over the pasture eating bugs and seeds.
DYI waterer and feeder
First, we made a couple of upcycled (or is it repurposed?) plastic water and food dispensers. They are not very attractive, but we didn't have time to wait for a firing to produce them from clay. Mr. Cranky will rig these to suspend from the top of the pen to keep the food and water cleaner.
We already had two new chicks to increase the egg-laying crew. After this brief inspection, they hopped into the box with the day-old babies and snuggled right down. So adorable.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

to do list

The blackboard is propped against a column and it wobbles at the slightest pressure, rendering my penmanship into classic creaky little old lady script.

Number one~ get back to my roots
And why not? For me, that means:
blue & white (soba cup)
Number two~ plant potatoes and nasturtiums.
All the early crops are planted except potatoes and I just love how the nasturtiums look training along the rock walls of the raised bed, so I usually try to get some seeds tucked in here and there.

Number three~ Mt. Rainier re-do
Enough said about that...
 pitcher, circa 1982
Addendum~ plates for b & w
That means blue and white plates, which circles back to the first question.

Mr. Cranky and I are pretty fickle stylistically. We like to experiment with different firing temperatures, forming techniques,  kiln types, clay bodies, glazes, and so forth. Salt glazed pots, raku, porcelain, earthenware, stoneware; we are seduced by each in turn.
salt glazed jar, circa 1976
stoneware jar, circa 1981
brushwork on stoneware, circa 1999
carved earthenware bowl, circa 1995
These are just a few examples of our various flirtations, many more existed before digital cameras so there isn't much to show from that era now.  However, we built our reputation with blue & white and always return to it, at least for a time. I feel that time coming on. I just made some porcelain plates to mess around with yesterday.  Smiling. Big smile.

love her droll expression; click on 'bilder'

Saturday, April 3, 2010

no longer out of sorts

     trees with ferns
I took my own advice and went for a hike in the woods. I saw a lot of trees.
trees with deer signs
trees draped with lichens
trees with rusty excretions
tree stumps with burls
tall, tall old mossy trees
 look up
I find that fresh air and exercise is pretty much a panacea for everything. Sunshine is a close second. 

Cardboard sculptures by Ann Weber