Monday, April 5, 2010

to do list

The blackboard is propped against a column and it wobbles at the slightest pressure, rendering my penmanship into classic creaky little old lady script.

Number one~ get back to my roots
And why not? For me, that means:
blue & white (soba cup)
Number two~ plant potatoes and nasturtiums.
All the early crops are planted except potatoes and I just love how the nasturtiums look training along the rock walls of the raised bed, so I usually try to get some seeds tucked in here and there.

Number three~ Mt. Rainier re-do
Enough said about that...
 pitcher, circa 1982
Addendum~ plates for b & w
That means blue and white plates, which circles back to the first question.

Mr. Cranky and I are pretty fickle stylistically. We like to experiment with different firing temperatures, forming techniques,  kiln types, clay bodies, glazes, and so forth. Salt glazed pots, raku, porcelain, earthenware, stoneware; we are seduced by each in turn.
salt glazed jar, circa 1976
stoneware jar, circa 1981
brushwork on stoneware, circa 1999
carved earthenware bowl, circa 1995
These are just a few examples of our various flirtations, many more existed before digital cameras so there isn't much to show from that era now.  However, we built our reputation with blue & white and always return to it, at least for a time. I feel that time coming on. I just made some porcelain plates to mess around with yesterday.  Smiling. Big smile.

love her droll expression; click on 'bilder'

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  1. You guys are amazing! Cool seeing all the past work. I really love the blue and white. Look forward to what you'll be making.


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