Thursday, August 30, 2012

address numbers

my first address tiles
I got an order for some custom address tiles with carte blanche as to what I could make; wheeee..... 
wareboards with bisqued numbers and letters
I decided to make over-sized individual letters and numbers with deep texture. I put two counter-sunk holes in each tile for screws to mount them on the wooden fence that is their final destination.
glazed with my new favorite surface treatment
This glaze is nothing more than manganese, mixed with water to the thickness of whole milk, brushed on, fired to cone 6 in oxidation.
so much variation, matte black to bronzy-metallic
thick and chunky
don't you just want to take a bite? ^click on it
garlic drying in the sun
In other news, the garlic harvest is in.
trimming it up
I have the perfect basket to put them in too.
spice dishes in the garlic
My studio assistant got creative with some photos.
little dish of smiles

 cauliflower and bun dish
I am pretty proud of my cauliflower this year.
broccoli and mini plate
And of my broccoli too.

Have you seen the yelp reviews read by actors on YouTube? There are about six of them, go there and watch them all.
Freaking hilarious~

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

fresh strawberries

 the last of our strawberries
 fresh cherries from Sauvie Island
 new bug dish, just right for the cherry pits
 totally in love with my new socks
 morning sunlight on the bed
poppy catching the morning sun on the terrace

Have you seen Creature Comforts? My favorites are the pig mother and daughter (American version). Netflix has it, so funny.

Friday, August 10, 2012

friends and fruit

 cantaloupe and raspberries in hand-built bowls
Summer is the time to gorge on fruit, we eat fruit all day long this time of year. 
...on french toast made from homemade challah, or in crepes, over scones with whipped cream, & out of hand.
 a friend brought a gift from Sweden, so charming
This is a cloth made from wood fibers, nice and thick for wiping down counters. Friends came to lunch...
 we ate russian cream with berries
 three kinds of lavender, origami bowl of cherries
The next day, other friends dropped by after visiting the Oregon Lavender Festival with more presents!
I like my Swedish rug and Swedish table and Swedish cloth with Oregon sunshine pouring in.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


 sage growing in a pot glazed in Shaner's red and fake ash glaze (old skool!)
 collected stones, coral, shells, glaze tests
fresh raspberries, textile series dish
ahhhhh, the summer bed
I love Ruan Hoffman's sense of humor (click through them all).