Monday, February 7, 2011

peppermint patties

little valentine tiles and a peppermint patty
I have been making weekly batches of peppermint patties all winter. The first batch only lasted two days, the second only a day longer, but we seem to be settling in to one week per batch now that we have calmed down about them.
Vanilla, peppermint, powdered sugar, coconut milk
They are so easy to make, it almost feels like cheating somehow. You need to allow time for things to chill from time to time with this recipe, but otherwise it is a very simple, fool-proof process.
thin mint patties
I like to make them thinner than usual to increase the ratio of dark chocolate to mint.
it's okay to be messy
These do settle down a little and are smoother in the end, but who cares if they don't look professional? Well, I do, a little bit. The photo above is an example of a rushed job.
peppermint patty on a teeny tiny dish
So good.

*I make them vegan by substituting coconut milk for evaporated and earth balance for butter. And 70% dark chocolate (Trader Joe's) is amazing!  Recipe.

Making decisions just became easier.