Friday, August 10, 2012

friends and fruit

 cantaloupe and raspberries in hand-built bowls
Summer is the time to gorge on fruit, we eat fruit all day long this time of year. 
...on french toast made from homemade challah, or in crepes, over scones with whipped cream, & out of hand.
 a friend brought a gift from Sweden, so charming
This is a cloth made from wood fibers, nice and thick for wiping down counters. Friends came to lunch...
 we ate russian cream with berries
 three kinds of lavender, origami bowl of cherries
The next day, other friends dropped by after visiting the Oregon Lavender Festival with more presents!
I like my Swedish rug and Swedish table and Swedish cloth with Oregon sunshine pouring in.


  1. I can see those Swedish red chicks as great pottery dishes. Love it!!

  2. Look at these pots by Adriana Christiansen, just what you mean, right?

  3. Here's another great one:


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