Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three weeks until Showcase

large oval platter w/ wavy lip 
Production is going full tilt with only three weeks left until Ceramic Showcase. I'm switching things up in the studio, moving back into animal and plants in addition to dots and stripes, and adding color to the black & white.
tray with scalloped edge
Despite that Portlandia episode (you know the one), I persist in putting birds on everything. 
Platter with green fish
I'll have to stop making pots soon and get my booth figured out, there are so many details to track when getting prepared for a show. I feel like I am starting from zero, it has really been years and years since I've done this.

This video of pendulum waves is mesmerizing.

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  1. Love the trays. Good luck w. the booth. That's always a pain.


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