Monday, November 19, 2012


(*after Rob Moore)
Fourteen years gone,
the dear old dog is dead.
Nothing left to pat but the Earth.
Buried out beyond the shop,
feet to the east, 
tail sailing south,
nose pointed at the North Star,
chasing ghost coyotes across the universe.
Tell god hello for me, girl.
Say that I'll be along later.


  1. Mia, our Australian Cattle Dog, died a few days ago. I'll be along later but, hopefully, much much later.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful testimony to her special soul :)

  3. I remember when you got Mia as a puppy and your story of building a funeral pyre for a previous canine companion. My 13 year old dog has cancer now, she doesn't have long. I wonder if I'll be inspired by you to write a poem when it's her time.

  4. Well, Belinda June, I don't tell that story to just anyone! Feel free to steal this poem. I kind of stole it from Rob Moore, a friend of mine who wrote something about his dog about thirty years ago or more and I remembered a fragment or two.
    Thanks for your thoughts, Kathy. It is nice to hear from you.
    Losing a pet is pretty heartbreaking.


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