Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tales, introducing Veronica

Veronica T. Cockatiel

Perfectly at ease in the world of high finance, Veronica is a professional commodities broker. Athletic and uncommonly beautiful, Veronica is an authority on fine gems and artificial insemination. Ebullient, gregarious and full of sass, she is as inscrutable as a puppy. A dedicated animal lover, she has been known to break into research labs to liberate test monkeys and lab rats*. Luckily, she doesn't loose composure in a high speed chase. Bullishly opinionated, she is also tough and unafraid of hard work or high temperatures. She has a loony sense of humor and adores practical jokes. She vacations on tropical beaches because she likes the way the sparkly blue water dazzles her eyes.

*sssh, don't tell anyone
She's not vain, really, but she wanted you to see both right and left profiles.

And a front view.
Veronica holds forthVeronica is curious.


  1. And if you know "Veronica".....
    you can't help but smile....

  2. I love her. Sassy. Muy beuno. Oh and I love all the profiles, she is a beautiful bird.



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