Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mountains and water

I'm working on some custom 'Places' tiles. My first commission from the San Juan Islands, Lopez Island.

Mt. Ranier, in the Cascades, Washington state
I love doing mountains.
Crater Lake, also in the Cascade Range, but in Oregon
I have to fix that little smudge on the 't'. I hate it when that happens. The slip is sprayed on the green tile and consequently has a rather delicate surface. Brushing it on would make a tougher surface, but it would create too much textural activity, competing with the carved images.
I'm supposed to wear a mask when I carve these (manganese is toxic to breathe). Shhh...


  1. Neat to see these in progress. Great images.

  2. For sanity sake please wear a mask and use gloves when working with manganese. Better safe than sorry.


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