Monday, June 14, 2010

infrastructure repair

studio, west end
Last year the outlets along the west wall of the studio quit working. I didn't really need power over there, so I just ignored it. Remember the time estimate rule for owner-builders? It holds that one must increase the time estimate for each job by the next time factor; one hour should equal one day, one day should be rounded up to one week, etc. This has always held true in my experience.
view toward the east, we are facing south
This week the power stopped working all along the entire east & south walls.
the culprit, barely visible on the wall below the table
electrical tool basket
I could not procrastinate any longer.
bad, bad outlet
I  located the guilty party.
worn out original outlet installed in 1976
It had completely disintegrated. I backtracked from there and replaced several outlets and all is well again. Not as bad (as in time-consuming repair) as I had thought. Something else must be wrong, it only took a few hours to fix.

Earthworks by Robert Smithson. Nice.

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