Saturday, January 22, 2011


chicken noodle soup* in a porriger
We find ourselves using this new bowl shape all the time. I like to call it a porriger because it sounds like such a comforting thing to eat from. The name suggests a wide generous dish to eat out of, something to use sitting in one's thick-walled, thatch-roofed cottage overlooking the White Cliffs of Dover. Apparently this is a  misnomer, because real porrigers have handles and even lids, but that won't stop me from (mis-) using this name for this bowl. Such a rebel am I.
Mr. Cranky got a set of tasting salts from a truly fabulous local resource, The Meadow, a shop that specializes in salt, chocolate, and wine. I try to use only the minimal amount of salt when cooking so that we can add salt at the table from our selection of eight different salts. I find the various textures to be very intriguing.
I even under-salt bread when I bake and buy unsalted butter now. I can't tell if we are eating more salt because of this, or less. A little goes a long way when added just before eating.
Rock Creek is running fast
There's nothing like a hike after a warming bowl of soup. It has been raining so much that the creeks are full, wide, and exciting. This is at the final leg of our current favorite hike. It is a good destination, but the hike is 100% uphill from here. We take this hike everyday, rain or shine. So lucky!

*Recipe for chicken stock and noodle soup

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  1. Tasting salts? I've never heard of them!

    I love these glimpses of a life so mindfully lived.


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