Wednesday, December 14, 2011


breakfast at the bird watcher's table
The day after our winter open studio was still beautifully sunny; breakfast consisted of cherry whole wheat scones and coffee served on our dotty black & white hand-built pottery.
That butter dish was made on a whim; I decorated a slab scrap and fired it; it turns out to be a perfect butter dish, simple and flat. I plan to tweak the shape a bit and make more of them, we love it.
the outside bed under cover
The outside bed is still in play, thanks to an electric blanket. The porch (with the addition of a couple of bamboo screens) provides enough protection from the rain. We use the electric blanket to preheat the bed  and keep the moisture at bay. Getting into bed after a quick sprint through the freezing outside air is indescribably delicious.
stack of dotties
Our Winter Open Studio was a lot of fun; it is always wonderful to see friends, both old and new.
Thanks to everyone who made their way out here to stop by!

Have you seen this blog by a woman who writes a short "thanks" blog post everyday? She is pretty witty and refreshing..

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  1. Glad you had a good sale. That is a cool butter slab.

    Hey, I saw a place on t.v. last night that is in Portland, it's called Pine State Biscuit and it's run by 3 guys from NC. They supposedly have killer biscuits and even Cheerwine soda from Salisbury, NC (near me).

    We've got to get out there someday. Cheers.

    oh and thanks for the link to the THX blog


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