Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clear decks

work table, all clear
The hubbub of the holidays is now past. Everything is peaceful and quiet in the studio.
ready for something
I have a million ideas of what to do next. I designed some new origami forms that I'm itching to make.
I will finally put up pictures of how I make them here too. 
I can take my time for now, no pressure.
 a light dusting of snow on the goose
We'd love to pretend that we are snowed in, but this amount is not enough. Still, I really should take care of having the snow tires put on, just in case.

 snow just heavy enough to topple an onion top
I do have a winter garden going, but I have discovered that I don't really like winter gardening. It's sloppy out and cold. It's nice to know that if food was needed that it could be produced. But for now, my feeling about it is kind of meh...
 succulents in the orange dot planter will survive
Taking care of the cactus and succulents is about as much as I want to do in the garden arena. That, and planning the vegetable garden for this coming season; counting out leftover seed packets, recalling the varieties of carrots (not Yaya, much too tiny) and lettuces (Butterhead is all the rage around here) and radishes (Dragon, have you seen it?) that I liked best, to order more seed
cacti safe from freezing on the birdwatcher's table
 And, a tile job just came in (yay). Sea shells are in the offing.

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  1. That light dusting of snow would snow us in here in Atlanta.
    Winter gardening is only fun on warm sunny days.


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