Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tales, half of them don't feel well

Ranger is 3rd out of 940,769 tetris players worldwide. He should probably get out a bit more.
Lucy has the sniffles. She allows herself to watch tv during the day.
It actually makes her feel worse.

Arturo finally gets a haircut. It makes him quite happy.Yeti has the sniffles. He takes it very hard.
Bear moves into a big house. He wishes they could afford to heat it.

Boise has the sniffles. Little comes over to watch movies with him while he stays home from school.

The advice nurse wants Little to go to the hospital for pain medication, but Little avoids another ER visit by toughing it out.
Malone waits on a bench. He is on another one of his secret missions.


  1. Even when sick, I still love these guys. LOVE!

  2. My very favorite of these is the first, Ranger playing tetris.

  3. Ranger has a maniacal look in his eyes, doesn't he?
    I like Arturo; he is so happy about his haircut.
    Thanks for commenting, you guys!

  4. These are so sweet, they really make me smile.


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