Saturday, January 9, 2010

antenna dyi

I like to know how to do things, so when something is needed/broken I try to figure out how to make/fix it myself first.
When television went digital, our rural location lost all reception. It has been some time now and Mr. Cranky hasn't gotten over his Bill Moyers withdrawal, so what we need is an antenna. Antennas are expensive!

I watched a video about how to make an antenna and made the sketch above based on his directions.

Then, we (Mr. Cranky helped!) assembled the tools and materials, all items we had laying around (= cost free).

I found a website that tells you where on the compass to direct your antenna for optimal orientation.
Isn't it adorable in a folk-arty way? And it really really works.

Little Piter (well, wouldn't you have named it?) likes it best to sit on a wooden child's chair pointing exactly 122 degrees toward the southeast.

And if you are wondering what this has to do with art for daily life, I connect it thusly~ when one lives the life of an artist, the need for thrift is generally a necessary part of the subtext. Also, making things by hand develops a sort of confidence too, that allows my mind to even entertain the thought that I might be able to solve a problem myself.  Besides, I just love sticking it to the man.


  1. Totally cool. You know it's amazing too that you can go online and find a video that shows you how to do this. I also find that I feel better when I do things like this.

  2. I know, it is so amazing. I once fixed my washer by troubleshooting the problem, locating a part, and ordering it, all on line. It was repaired two days later and I never left the house.

  3. Fabulous! (And when they're your own, you get to name them, too :->)


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