Thursday, January 14, 2010

studio vagaries

Mr. Cranky sprayed the birds with clear glaze, but he thinks it may be on too thick. Gah. I am firing one small bird and one leaf in the test kiln to double check the glaze application before firing all of them. If the glaze is too heavy, the colors will look milky/cloudy and the surface will craze (= no good for outdoor use). I will have to wash all of the birds and re-paint them and re-glaze them if so. Double-gah.
That picture near the glass is a Frida Kahlo print in a heavy metal frame that I got for xmas, it sits on my work table for inspiration.

Lucy contemplates color chips, dreading the prospect of re-glazing. Note her scowl.

Completely unrelated, but so adorable~  wagashi


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