Friday, September 10, 2010

Hector and me

plate with birds*
Mr. Cranky and the Florist both agree that I should be leaving the centers of my plate empty.  
That creates in me an urge to scribble. So that's what Hector and I did. I like the calligraphic feeling of our scribbling.
Their argument is that people expect the center of their dinner plates to be plain to better display the food. I think that may be true in restaurants where the food is plated in very specific and possibly ornamental ways, but not at a dinner in the home. I think the vision of the table set with beautiful tableware makes for an inviting, welcoming, happy-looking table. We often experience surreptitious plate-switching before everyone sits down to eat; we all have our favorites.
Hahaha, so take that Mr. Cranky and Grumpy** Florist!

*reminds me of Cinderella and the birds helping sew her ball gown in the Disney movie
**not really

Puffball for fall

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