Friday, September 24, 2010

not for the squeamish, chicken "processing"

First, calm yourself, then pick up the chicken. Cradle it gently in your arms and place it in the cone.
Lightly brush back the feathers and cut the carotid artery, avoid cutting through the windpipe or nerve column. The chicken will  feel nothing, get lightheaded, and lose consciousness.  It is a humane and painless method, the birds do not squawk or thrash around.
Ready for scalding
The scalder must be at the correct temperature, 145-150 degrees f. Immerse bird for a few seconds and test by tugging on a wing feather.
Dunk again.
When the feather pulls easily, they are ready to pluck.
Place them in the chicken plucker.
Rotate at slow speed and spray with water.
Just a little longer.
Five more seconds.
No more feathers. About 90 seconds.
The feathers fall out through a gap between the plastic tub and the potter's wheel head. I washed and dried these for future art projects.
I find myself calling this "harvesting" the chickens. I will have to examine this. Hmm...

Bee sculptures


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