Monday, October 11, 2010

entry porch mural

little wren
I finished a small mural for the entry porch, more birds and leaves to match the front of the house.
new leaves
I changed the leaf design, there is more movement and grace, but they are a bit fragile prior to installation. I was careless and broke one of the  triple leaves at the stem.
pine cones
I made some smaller pieces to add another layer of interest to the birds and leaves murals.
acorns, too
The Nuthatch is still one of my favorites.
slot for hanging on the back
I push a nail into the clay on the back when the clay is still green to create a slot for hanging on a nail. No installation required, you can put them up anywhere.
I'm thinking of placing this one over a light switch in the hall. Two little finish nails is all it takes.


  1. Nice work. I hope you will share the finished mural.

  2. I love the evolution - are they genetically programed? (Susie)


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