Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Have a Thing for Little Birds

Every one of our blue & white pots has a little bird on it somewhere. It all started when I needed to put a signature inside the bottom foot of our rice bowls. The was no way to fit 'Jensen & Marineau' inside the tiny two inch circle, so I improvised the little bird to serve as a signature on the bottom of the pot.

This bird had already taken up residence in and on many of our pots, so it seemed natural to use it in this way.
Eventually, I ended up adding the little bird even when there was enough room for a signature.

The little bird has found her way into practically everything I do now; sending out invoices, addressing envelopes, notes to the kids, shopping lists...

Needless to say, I am enamored of other little birds that I come across. Look what I found this week:
Here is a watercolor and ink drawing by Art Esprit. The black bird beside the yellow fence just cheers me up. She also has some very charming bird paintings on vintage German book pages and sheet music. Her prices are shockingly affordable.

Buy several, make a grouping, you can afford it! :)

I love the small scale of these embroideries by stitchesandstrands.
They are so cozy and friendly, like little hooked rugs.
The Gocco notecards (below) by bubbledog combine two of my favorite images, leaves and birds. You can find stationery, bags, and felt coin purses at her etsy shop.
The tote is by Modern Radar. They make notecards too. If you want to see another cute bird go look at their earrings.
Diana Fayt, of oneblackbird, is one of my favorite clay artists. She has a nice color sense and wonderful style of freehand drawing that she refers to as 'etching in clay'. She uses lots of botanical imagery and, of course, black birds, which I love. And she takes good photos, have a look at her flickr site. Sheesh...too much talent in one place.
Pictured below is one of her large decorative oval bowls with swallows.
The second image, the little black chickadee cup, is from Kristen Swanson. There is another chickadee on the other side. You can't see it here, but she paints the chickadee beaks with gold luster. Sweet!
For more bird amazement click here. And this is funny! Wait...wait... just one more.


  1. Kailla in PortlandMarch 19, 2008 at 10:32 AM

    I love Diana Fayat's work too. I have one of her canteen vases and it is beautiful. Someday I hope to have one of her platter's - with a blackbird. Fun to have found your blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't think the picture I posted does justice to her work (it's a little dark) but I wanted that bird!

  3. I love love love little birds, too. Got a lovely little bird necklace for mother's day. My bee stamp is my signature, too, cause "bridgman pottery" is a lot of letters!


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