Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Perfect Vase

Tawanda Faye made these three little pigs in kindergarten. The big bad wolf has disappeared in the garden somewhere, along with the chimney.
Isn't Spring great? Time for a new vase.

Our bonsai-expert-ikebana-arranger-great-eye-for beauty-and-good-taste-florist friend once brought us an antique vase he owned that he deemed ‘the perfect vase’. We immediately copied it. The narrow base and lobed top edge on the vase cause bouquets to practically arrange themselves. The handles add a grace note and the cinched waist makes it sassy.

I found these gorgeous glass vases at The Artful Home website by Leigh Taylor Wyatt and Caleb Siemon.
Spring always makes me think of green, so why not a green vase? Try one of these by Lynn Cardwell or Whitney Smith. (oh, sad face, Whitney's appear to be sold out, but go look around her shop anyway I'm sure you'll find something else great and green) Whitney has a blog that I like too.
I love this asian-flavored squared vase by Michael Davis. And this pair of curvy ones by vesselsandwares.
Loosley thrown and pure white....
or whimsical, tall and skinny like these by
Karin Eriksson or Elizabeth Langsfeld from madhatter.
I love the subtle patterns and textures in these by Judi Tavill and Catherine White
Okay, I saved my most favorite for last. Thanks for your patience. I think these works by Amanda at YogaGoat are reminiscent of ancient Tsu Chou wares from China.
Ohhhhh..so beautiful!

I love time-lapse flower videos.

And beautiful music for spring
(Vivaldi! Nigel Kennedy!)

Oh, now I am getting hungry.


  1. Oh, my! The mad hatter vase is way too cute!

    If only I had bottomless pockets. Sigh....

  2. That vase would really cheer me up on one of these rainy Oregon days. I guess that goes for you too, being from Philomath. :)


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