Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Out the window

This was my view from my office desk yesterday morning. Fuzzy little antler nubs!
And, no, I didn't crop this photo, he really was that close.

He hung around, happily munching the lush summer grass, for at least a half hour.
Meanwhile, over in the studio, I am working on tile for a beach house in Gig Harbor (Washington):
The tub/shower will be tiled entirely in subway tile (3" x 6"). The photo above shows about half the tile that I will eventually decorate, they will be placed in two bands running around the space. The remaining field tile will come from Pratt & Larson. All the images are marine (fish, shells, grasses, seaweed) except one. It's in there, can you find it?
This row of tile is an experiment of mine. I was trying to think of a decoration for a baby's room that would be a simpler alternative to our fancy commemorative baby plates (which @ $175 are grandparent-worthy). These are very thin porcelain paperclay tiles (about 4" x 6"), with various images and the baby's name on them (*see 7th, 8th, and 9th from the left). They are waiting patiently for Mick to glaze them. I envision them tied with a sweet ribbon, pinned up on the nursery wall somewhere...
But then I got carried away with images and made some to pin up on little nails in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Just in case you crave blue & white tile and don't have any.

These charming ponytail holders from cutecumber have a deer on one of them and my favorite image on the other, a little blue bird. I love that they don't match and pine for the days when Tawanda Faye would have worn them.
I can't stop finding things over at belleandboo that charm my socks off.


  1. Thank you so much for the link, I am super jealous you saw a deer outside your window, the best I get is pesky grey squirrels!!
    your work is beautiful.
    Mandy :)

  2. My problem is that you keep posting these awesome sites that hold myriad wonders that I want to buy, but they all cost American money. That's a problem.

    I love the chickens, I looooove them. Also, I swear I saw an owl in there somewhere... they're all so charming!


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