Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's going well

The foxgloves are out all over the place! These are at the beginning of our (nearly) daily walk on a logging road near us.
These tiles look promising. I'm going to paint the cherry red, crow black, pig pink-or purple.
The Gig Harbor tile are going swimmingly. A new series of tags are on the bottom shelf; fingers crossed for a good white this time.
This dinnerware set came out perfectly. :) :) :)
An oval sink order, with pond imagery, in the kiln. These are very expensive to lose. Think positive!
First 'Noah' tile failed (see the smudged circle on the left?), second one is in process...
I think the mouse looked a little ratty and maybe creepy anyway, do you think?
Romeo, Romeo, where art thou? Sorry, couldn't resist. Cute name, no?
These dinner plates are all 'firsts'. Yay! They have been waiting for these in Wisconsin for a long time... *note: never say 'there's no hurry' to me.
And, my chicken color test tiles make me smile.

I am so sorry that I left my grumpy, complaining post up for so long. I really haven't been in a bad mood for two whole weeks at all.
Just busy.
And lazy.
Oh, and speaking of cute piglets:


  1. That dinnerware set is stunning- beautiful color! Your custom sink/tile pieces are great! My husband and I like to collect functional pottery and glass pieces for use in our daily lives. We purposely didn't register for too many pieces so we could add to our kitchen as we go. We wanted more original pieces.

  2. Oh these are fantastic!! Great work!!

  3. Oh good Lord, those tiles are ALMOST as cute as that piglet. ;)

    Also, thanks for your sweet words, Barb--- you are a DEAR! :)

  4. That dinnerware is fabulous! The color is just so great. I wanted to tell you I loved hearing how you wear cashmere in your studio - and that you like the holey ones. Me too - I wear the holey ones for fall walks and gardening - who cares if they get dirty but they feel so luxurious.

  5. If you are prepared to experience cute overload, click on the link in 'cute piglets' for more pictures of the piglets and their tiger mom. Seriously, crazy story!

  6. This post makes me want to take my leave of the city and play around in your workshop--unbelievable tiles!

    Glad you've been busy (and lazy). Both are good for you.

  7. Your pieces are exquisite...even the slightly "imperfect ones"!

  8. Those teal (turquoise?) plates are stunning. What a great background for a nice green summer salad with goat cheese and yellow peppers... yum


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