Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tales, more cast members

Digging further under the seat of my car, I found a few more characters to add to the 'Tales' series.

Boise (skunk)
Boise is not always willing to do what others ask, he can be difficult and contrary and only cooperates when bribed with mochi. He possesses the power of camouflage and loves a good game of hide and seek, but will never come out when called. He would live outdoors if allowed, yet will only ride in taxis and eat in restaurants. Known to occasionally feign a French accent when he wants to feel fancy; he reads books by Bukowski while smoking hookah. He wouldn't hurt a fly and is extremely honest, friendly, and open. He will sit in your lap if you don't stop him.
*He would like see himself as ferocious, but generally succeeds in looking annoyed at best.
Yeti (yeti)
Well known to be a loner, Yeti is not so much shy as he is outraged. Extremely sensitive to injustice and inequality, Yeti separates himself from others to shield his tender heart from the pain of living in the world. He may appear to be unfriendly, even rude, but those brave enough to engage with him will be rewarded with a deep friendship. Yeti is very articulate and loves to expound when given an audience. He enjoys gourmet food, classical music, and local micro-brews. He makes sculptures from found objects, and if you look carefully when walking in the forest, you might find one of them.

Malone (panda)
Malone is suave and sophisticated; charm oozes from every follicle. He is saved from his unctous good looks by his acerbic wit; a kind of oil and vinegar effect. He was chubby as a child and played the tuba in a marching band, an experience that scarred him for life. Now an urbane world traveller, he crashed last year's WTO conference in Davos just for the swag (free ipods!) and the thrill. He is a voracious and catholic reader whose South African accent keeps everyone off-balance (nobody really knows where he's from). He is obsessed with tea; his favorite being vanila rooibos with a side of steamed soy milk and honey, stirred with a special antique spoon that he carries with him at all times.

Ranger (mouse)
Nervous, twitchy, neurotic, adorable...creativity flows through this little guy like a river and he talks non-stop. Charmed by everything he sees, he has an infectious laugh and would literally give you the shirt off his back. It makes me want to buy him a pony. In his quest to live lightly on the planet, he eats raw food exclusively, walks everywhere, and lives in a corner of his friend's living room. He can name the president on any denomination of U.S. currency. He sings, composes, plays guitar, writes futuristic poetry, and needs very little sleep. Did I mention that he is cute as a bug? Because he is...

Ruby (daschund)

Ruby is in the background of Ranger's picture. Her profile isn't finished yet. She and Jam will be along shortly...


  1. You are my new favorite artiste. Tres magnifique, Barb, these lovelies are des cieux--from heaven. I wish they lived in my heart. I mean that literally.

    I wonder who your characters are based on? Just plucked from the edges of your dreams, or stolen from reality? I'm enamored!

  2. I am completely smitten with Boise, perhaps because my nickname in highschool was Flower...straight from the skunk in Bambi. So much of your description of this cast member could have been applied to my sixteen-year-old self, some 30 years ago. :) Thanks for the memories!

  3. Snotty- Thanks for your comment, these guys do live in my heart.
    The characters are collages; they start out based on real people and then I embellish wantonly.

    Carol- Boise is sixteen! Hahaha...

    mrs. french- Always nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by.


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