Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tales; Free Box Day Outing

Little lives in S.E. Portland, sometimes people in the neighborhood leave unwanted items out on the sidewalk for anyone to take. That's free box day; it's fun.

Do you see what I mean about Little being accident-prone? I omitted the cast on her leg in this drawing, but the wheelchair tells it all. She broke her ankle while she was still wearing a cast from breaking her wrist (also a bike accident).
I rest my case.

Oh, and lest you think I meant to imply that Bear has no sense of humor, he did send me a joke once:
"A shoelace for a shoelace makes the whole world untied"
Isn't that just so hilarious and adorable! I especially loved it because he texted it to me and I am constantly sending out oddball facts and dumb jokes and he never responds. Hmpfh.

I have four more characters that will be joining the 'Tales' series; Ranger (mouse), Malone (panda), Boise (ferocious skunk), and Yeti (yeti). To debut next week...

Oh, and in case you need a straw hat of your own and your neighborhood doesn't have a free box day; check out Tonya Gross Millinery. Cute, no?


  1. "Oh, and Jordan peed on a church."

    Man, I remember my peeing-on-a-church days. Fun photos.


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