Sunday, March 29, 2009

Porcelain Jewelry

green (unfired) porcelain jewelry parts waiting to be sanded

Not content to let Mr. Cranky have all the fun, I have been making jewelry too. These pieces will be grouped into necklaces. I am making some beads to dangle down from them too.
slip-trailed decoration

Here they are after decorating with cobalt slip.
I think they look like candy. :) Or cookies! (eat your heart out, Martha)
Tomorrow I'll bisque fire them, then I'll put a clear glaze on top and fire them again.
I'm thinking brooches and stick pins would be nice too, but I'm waiting to see how these look.
Now I have to research findings and cords and such.
Anyone have any good resources for jewelry parts?


  1. This looks awesome, kind of want to eat them!

  2. Barb, these are going to be SO COOL. WANTNEEDWANT. I also love the crap out of the jewelry Mr. Cranky is doing!


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