Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs of aging

Obsession with birds is a sure sign that you are getting old.
Mr. Cranky does LOVE feeding the birds every morning. They pester him when he is late getting the birdseed out. He perceives that the birds know and appreciate him, so he is taking the bonding experience one step further:

He stands calmly on the terrace with birdseed in both hands and, yes, on his head.

He has achieved the much sought after triple landing, with a bird in each hand and on his head, but I did not have the patience to document it that day. Maybe later...


  1. Way to go Mr. Cranky! Totally cool.

  2. Is Mr. Cranky wearing his special liquid excrement cap?

  3. It's funny how small children and old people love birds, but we forget how incredible they are in mid-life.

    Great pics :)

  4. Very cool! Our Martha's Vineyard chickadees are too shy to sit on my hand. How do you do it?


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