Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tales, Little's birthday

Little had the worst birthday of her entire life.
First of all, she was released from the hospital (remember, she's accident prone...) on the morning of her birthday and was still quite weak and tired . Then, her best friend missed the breakfast date they had planned. That evening, she found herself at a party surrounded by malicious, spiteful fools whose callousness and insensitivity completely ruined what was left of her birthday (*illustrated above).
The following day, only one of the six invitees to her birthday dinner was able to come. Plus, Lucy was so thoroughly stressed-out from the week in the hospital that she had a major melt down at Little's expense.
At least it's over now.


  1. What about the part where Malone spent like, fourteen hours texting her making her feel better....?

    Just saying....

  2. That was Malone freelancing. Nobody told me about it, not even Lucy. I hate secrets.


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