Monday, June 8, 2009

Cakes that are chocolate

so chocolate it is almost black
About a year ago, my sourdough starter died. Ever since, I have been on a quest for another chocolate cake that can rival our birthday standard, sourdough chocolate cake.
this is all that was left to photograph, seconds after I frosted it
Here, after countless trials of ideal-sounding-but-not-nearly-wonderful-enough chocolate cake recipes, is the only chocolate cake I will ever make from now on.
Oh, the hyperbole! I'm certain that is not really true... so don't quote me.
However, this is an amazingly chocolaty cake (just look at the color!) and not too sweet and loads easier to make than sourdough cake. So, thank you Epicurious and Gourmet and Smitten Kitchen for all your good ideas and recipes. It's been fun, but I am done looking for the ultimate chocolate cake at last. Recipe here.

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  1. Thanks, Barb. After tasting this cake, I agree, it is fabulous!


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