Thursday, June 4, 2009

Um, where is St. Patrick* when I need him?

Here are the two Ivy tiles. Yeah, that is blood on the edge of the first one. My blood.
It's there because I cut my finger on these shattered baby tags. Yeah, that's blood on Cecilia too.

It happened because the automatic shut-off on the kiln failed. So the kiln over-fired. So the baby tags fused with the tile setter and stuck in a million places and cracked to pieces. And, inexplicably, the glaze on the Ivy tiles was nearly completely absorbed into the tile, leaving a nasty matte surface.
I normally use handmade tiles, but the tiles for tabletops need to be flat and square, so I buy factory tile for that. I have never seen the glaze disappear like that before. Weird.
I plan to re-glaze them and try again, but I am nearly positive it won't work. Sigh...
I'll make another fresh one too.

*St Patrick (patron saint of ceramic engineers) commented that he should be prayed to when attempting to invoke the good will of the kiln gods. I guess I forgot.


  1. I really need to take a trip down there - I would love to tile it up with you :) And make messes and break things and get in your way and fuck shit up. And the like.

    Love those tiles!


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