Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tales, introducing Cobalt

Cobalt T. Narwhal

Cobalt spent his younger years with his nose stuck in a book and as a consequence has the biggest vocabulary (in English) of anyone in North America. Like all narwhals, Cobalt looks like an innocent doofus, yet he carries himself with a strange and unexpected glamour. His musical tastes are catholic, but he particularly favors Drone at present. This is, perhaps, a reflection of his passion for the bagpipe. Cobalt is nothing if not taciturn. His wit is so dry that a light breeze could set it aloft. He is a fiercely competitive game player (insisting on being score-keeper) and a talented computer nerd. Trained in law, he throws words around like: “egregious”, “fiduciary”, and “null and void”. He also says things like: “egads”, “gadzooks”, and “forsooth”, which are funnier.

Ravenna is his girlfriend and Bothell and Clementine are his parents.


  1. I always hoped there was a strange and unexpected glamor about me somewhere, but I'm afraid there's not :-)


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