Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tales, introducing Patches T. Kitten

Named Sunshine Rainbow Stardust by her hippie parents, Patches preferred a less cumbersome name during her school years, for reasons you may understand. Despite her impassioned feminism, she adores bunnies, unicorns, and sparkly things. Like most kittens, she enjoys a good nap and her ability to sleep-in is legendary. Her ideal day is spent in a park lying on a quilt making crafts while listening to Simon & Garfunkel. This activity is interspersed with spontaneous and frequent "cuddle breaks"* with Little. Fiercely intelligent, Patches find great comfort in the Constitution and carries a copy with her at all times. Reading it has a calming affect on her and quells her occasional panic attacks. Her favorite food is curried potato-tofu scramble (no tomatoes!), and she feels that the solution to the problems of the world is more glitter; lots and lots of glitter.

*wherein one will launch herself at the other and both then roll around on the grass, giggling and hugging


  1. I love this portrait...who is this? Wish I knew this person!


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