Sunday, December 6, 2009

Annual Holiday Open Studio

Last year it was sunny!
So, I have been pestering Mr. Cranky about the decrepit cars* littering our property. My latest threat was that I would not (stomps foot) have another Open Studio until he had gotten rid of them. I will not tell you exactly how many there are, it is too embarassing.

 We have signs now too
Anyway, I lost, he won. If you come out to our place on Saturday, please look neither right nor left until you reach the house itself.

Thackery will be there
Alternatively, you may simply assume that we have very eccentric friends and customers. Because that would be true, even if the cars don't belong to them. But they might; maybe the cars do belong to them.

We always have some bargains in the studio
If you would like to come, we would very much love to see you. If you look to the right sidebar here under "more of us" there is a link to sing up to recieve a postcard. Do it and I'll send you one! Easy-peasy. I know I typed 'sing' up instead of 'sign' up to recieve emails, but now I like it like that.

There will be something yummy to eat also
Sign up, really, it's not too late. I'll send an email right away. And we are planning two consecutive Saturdays to be open, the 12th and the 19th, from 10-5.

 *If it weren't dark out now I would send you a picture of a wreck sprouting blackberries to desensitize you so you could be prepared. It's really traumatic and disappointing. I'm sorry.


  1. This time I'm realio trulio coming! Especially if Thackeray's going to be there.

  2. Of course, Dale, you know that William Makepeace Thackeray died in 1863. But Thackery will be there in the form of a tile picture. The real Thackery is in Maui right now, the bum.
    But I am excited that you are coming!

  3. Yowza! Look at all those pots! I hope the sale goes well. I love the leaves hanging above the table and there are those gorgeous green and amber dishes again this year on the refreshment table. Wish I could come, I'd love to see it all, even the cars!


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