Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have cookies for you

Pecan fingers

The freezing rain never materialized, but the weather report was convincing enough that our Open Studio attendance was pretty much squelched. A big thank you to the stalwart souls that did come. Bless your intrepid hearts! Mr. Cranky and I ate far too many cookies and drank too much hot cider (luckily, the wine never got opened because all the activity happened early in the day), but it is always nice to have plenty of time to visit with people.

roasting the vegetables first makes the soup more delicious 
We comforted ourselves later with the some delicious soup (African Squash and Peanut)  and bread (Spinach Feta Roll). I try to make something ahead of time because we are often starving and tired by the end of an open studio day. Plus, I like to have something easy and abundant in case people are still around at dinnertime.

spinach feta bread benefits from lots of caramelized onions

spread out on bread dough, later sprinkled with crumbled feta

then rolled up, ready to bake
We pretty much ate this all up (with help, mind you) so I can't show you the pretty finished spirals.
It's still dry out here today, but I hear that Portland has icy streets this morning. We still have lots of pots, so come on out next Saturday for some (freshly baked, of  course) cookies. The pots will be here all week, call/email if you have another time you'd like to come by and we will open the gate for you!


  1. YUM. Sorry to hear the weather was bad. So much for my dancing.

  2. Oh my! They sound delicious! You must share the recipe sometime! Sorry your studio event was rained out.. I've had bad luck with snow or rain at ours, so I totally understand! So many late nights & hours preparing lost. What can you do.

    Happy Holidays and best of luck this new year!
    Cheers, Chrissy

  3. Thanks for your good wishes! It worked out in the end, because the following Saturday was fun and had a good turnout.


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