Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tangerine addiction

Bowl of tangerines in the entry room

Mr. Cranky's love of tangerines knows no bounds. You will find them right when you enter the house.
Tangerines on the bench that Tim made

You will find them even before you enter the house.
Tangerines on the table

Naturally, you will also find them inside the house.
Must take them in the car...

But, I'll bet you didn't expect to find them on the car.

Invisible people. I like Rico.


  1. My daughter tears through tangerines and leaves a trail of citrusy carnage.

    They are so good!

  2. The tangerines on the car are there to accompany our daily hike in the woods. There is a trail of peels through the forest where we walk and I can sometimes pick up the fragrance if I am behind.


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