Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there must be a better way

alphabet collage
I made this collage on the computer using images of my alphabet series. The digital form conceals the lusciousness of the actual surface. I put this up to celebrate the completion of an eternity spent photographing and cropping and resizing and uploading images for my etsy store. I have honestly spent two entire days on this and I only added twenty-five images. Perhaps that explains why I am such an etsy slacker. The process is de-energizing in the extreme.
Anyway, the whole alphabet collage series (except 'r') is in the shop, finally. I cut the prices approximately in half from the showroom prices that were listed originally. That's what happens when I am out of sorts from too little exercise and fresh air. Grrrr...I'm going outside now.

*And the 'g'? Goat, grape, glasses, grasshopper, grid, grate

I should seriously consider doing this~ THXTHXTHX

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