Friday, March 5, 2010

Woodland mural progresses

Woodland mural with cobalt wash
Mr. Cranky thought my bear looked a bit like a pig (hmphffff!) so I made the fur look shaggy and bear-like with brush strokes.
pencil sketch on tile
I changed the size of the trees when I applied the blue wash. The view from the window where this will be installed looks out into an old growth evergreen forest, but the trees in my drawing are more like poplars in a deciduous forest. I washed in the thicker areas between the trees instead of the thinner lines in the original sketch to make it more like the deep dark woods that is actually there. I also changed the owl to appear more realistic, and less cartoon-ishly cute.
I have a bit more detail to add and then it will be time to glaze and pray to the kiln gods.

As good as sliced bread?


  1. (It didn't look at all like a pig!)

    Sliced bread ain't in it :-)

  2. Looks like a good start to me, definitely interested to see how it progresses.


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