Saturday, July 3, 2010

the best things about summer, part three

summer tables
We eat outside for all our meals during good weather. It's amazing how clean the house stays when all the food is consumed outdoors. The only downside is rushing to bring the chairs under cover in the middle of the night when it rains. Of course, the proximity of the summer bed is a plus when that happens.
mine is on the left, Mr. Cranky's is on the right, food goes on the extra one
The table tops are developing a nice patina through use. We are thinking of pouring hot wax on top and melting  it in with a heat gun to make the surface buttery-smooth. We have five or six of these tables, so we are set for guests as needed.


  1. We dine al fresco whenever possible but not on such fun tables. That wood has a very nice grain, do you know what kind it is?

  2. Lori, here is the whole scoop on the making of the tables from the blog on Nov. 2009:
    The short answer is fir from our wood pile.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. YES, you can use up memory on a blog, I have used up 2 :) Love your tables and pottery!


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