Thursday, July 1, 2010

the best things about summer, part two

summer bed, new location
I'm trying a different spot for the summer bed this year. It is a bit more sheltered, but I can still see the stars and sky (my favorite part of outdoor sleeping).
I got new linens from Ikea, I just love the pattern. So cheerful!
I put up a screen to create a sense of privacy, even though there's nobody here but me and Mr. Cranky.
The owls set up a symphony/cacophany last night. A lonely (?) owl nearby started calling out repeatedly, finally getting a response from far away that seemed to satisfy her and they conversed for awhile. At around 5 AM, all the birds get going. Fantastic! 
No World Cup Soccer to get me out of bed this morning; I slept in until 9. :)


  1. It is summer at your house? I think you live about five miles north of me and it is winter here.


    loooove the room!!!


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