Tuesday, July 20, 2010

white space

spare border
Mr. Cranky remarked "it's all about the white space" when I consulted him on how to treat the borders on my new blue & white plates. I have a penchant for decorating the hell out of anything that is not nailed down, so this advice gave me pause.
such restraint!
I really had to grit my teeth on this one, but just look at how I held back. Mr. Cranky still thinks the half flowers on these are a bit large.
white space
If you think this is still a pretty full border treatment, see at how I have done it in the past~
pedestal dish, intense decoration
I have backed off from this level of density in my recent work, but still, I had to really try to restrain my impulse to totally fill the borders of the new hand-built plates. My old, complex style would work against the soft undulating rhythm of the new plate form, stiffening and ordering the edges to form an overly tight frame around the image. 
I spy a hummingbird 
Mr. Cranky is always right in these aesthetic discussions, I already know that, so I just go with it. I'll put up pictures when these have been glazed and fired, and you will see what I mean.


  1. So great to see these at this stage. I love the blue on white. I'll keep an eye out for the 'after' photos.

  2. He's right in this case, anyway. Glorious!

  3. These plates are soooooo beautiful! And I like both styles of decoration each for their own reasons. The densely decorated style reminds me of Sevilla's moorish Alcazar (just search Google Images using 'Sevilla Alcazar tile'). But, the grace and form of these more spare designs are marvelous: I get a real sense of movement because the space between the swirls and spirals allows us to see it.

  4. Your work is so lovely. I like the filled images as much, or more, than the others. I love them, too. It is all good! The more filled pieces cause me to look more. I like goo-gah and my hubby like minimal. ;)

  5. Maureen, you just sent me off on a delightful junket in Seville pottery and tile. Thanks for the idea!


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